The customary brief introduction

My first encounter with her was when I was a mere 12-year-old child — I was taken by her full-bodied beauty and legs that ran for miles the second we were introduced. She stained my lips a dark red as I took her in for the very first time; a deep, fruity flavour was all I could recall.

Her name… was Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thus began a long-term relationship with red wine, which eventually opened my eyes to the Spirits realm where a good ol’ glass of Scotch on the rocks won my heart entirely.

Eventually, I find myself here… starting up The Daily Drink — a collection of my discoveries related to the wonderful world of alcohol, as well as my own personal tips based on real-life experiences.

With this first entry, I would like to right-off-the-bat proclaim that I am not an alcoholic — my preferred term is ‘enthusiast’. Alcoholism is no laughing matter, and I am fully aware of the signs that will indicate that I am heading down that path. No, no.. I am merely an enthusiast; one who enjoys what I drink in healthy dosages at a respectable pace.

But of course, let’s be real — there are those hard day’s nights as well. On the bright side, those nights usually end with a lesson well (and sometimes painfully) learnt, some of which I will share through this blog.

To prep whoever intends on religiously reading this blog, you can expect the following:

1) Personal reviews and tasting notes of my #thedailydrink of the day

2) Personal recommendations and reviews of bars — new and old

3) A few life lessons in drinking

Note that I stress on the word ‘personal’ as some of you may disagree with my views. So, let’s agree to disagree from the beginning, eh?

As this is merely an introductory note, there will be no review today.

However, do stay tuned to the many adventures (and/or mishaps) to come!
Till then, slainte!

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