A change of heart


As you can see, the site has gone through a bit of a re-brand. I know, re-branding usually takes place once a brand has failed miserably after a significant amount of time following its launch. None of which my previous site went through — it didn’t exactly have enough time to fail miserably.

Nonetheless, the first blog name was kinda stressing me out (lol) because of the many expectations I had for it: detailed spirit reviews, tasting notes, incredibly researched content, etc. However, truth be told, I am not that type of person. So, I decided to revamp the blog to allow a more personal form of writing that enables me to share my experiences and reviews without feeling compelled to come off sounding like I know my sh*t.

Because I don’t.

And try as hard as I may, I won’t know as much as I’d like to anytime soon. And I’ve come to terms with that. I am merely an average girl dating a bartender, and am learning what I can along the way. That includes, appreciating the finer spirits in life. Oh, and cocktails of course.

So if you liked the ring of The Daily Drink… well, I’m sorry. The Bartenders GF is here to stay (unless we break up. Awkward. Or get married. Let’s not go there). Content-wise, there shouldn’t be that much difference, except maybe how I write and describe things. I won’t be feeling as obliged to use industry terms. So sue me (please don’t, I’m broke).

On that note, please do stay tuned to some fun, cheeky and hopefully educational content to a certain extent.




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