Now before we get into details…

Yes, I date a bartender, and
No, I don’t always get free drinks.

I will admit however, that dating a bartender has opened my eyes into the industry and got me learning so many things I had never given a second thought about the spirits business.

So, this is a collection of my personal reviews, tips and experiences related to alcohol (mostly). As you follow my entries, you might debunk a few myths (and/or truths) about me:

  1. My East Malaysian blood has made me immune to the effects of alcohol
  2. I am an alcoholic (I personally prefer the term enthusiast)
  3. I drink like a fish (if fish even drink in the first place)
  4. My lifelong fantasy is to bathe in a sea of champagne or whisky
  5. My idea of work-life balance is a drink upon clock-out
  6. I am secretly a 40-year-old man based on my selection and style of drinking

I’ll leave you to decide what’s true and what’s not.

“Whisky is liquid sunshine”
– George Bernard Shaw


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