“Maybe next time, buddy.”

I watched her sidle up to the seat at the bar right in front of him. She was always there earlier than the rest of her friends -- probably how she pretty close to him in the first place. "Hmm. Feels like a good day today. I'll start with a scotch on the rocks --... Continue Reading →


Netflix & Chew: Samurai Gourmet

I've been wanting to talk about this series that I've come to fall in love with after a few episodes: Samurai Gourmet. It's based on a manga (Japanese comic) that follows the culinary journey of a 60-year-old retiree in Japan. He's not cooking though -- he's eating. In his "journey" of discovering life after retirement,... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s A Critic

Recently, there was a tad bit of drama in the social-media-sphere as a bar owner got into a bit of a comment-tussle with a customer who happened to put up a negative post about the bar. Several sarcastic comments and insults were tossed in, not by the bar owner alone, but also close friends and... Continue Reading →

Netflix and Chew: Cooked

The day one of my college friends introduced me to Netflix back while I was studying in the US, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between couch potato and screen. I've always loved some of the Netflix originals on there -- though in the US, there were a lot more options for Netflix original... Continue Reading →

A change of heart

Greetings! As you can see, the site has gone through a bit of a re-brand. I know, re-branding usually takes place once a brand has failed miserably after a significant amount of time following its launch. None of which my previous site went through -- it didn't exactly have enough time to fail miserably. Nonetheless,... Continue Reading →

Sippin’ on Gin & Juice

My first couple of posts have all been about whisky. Can you blame me though? I've grown up drinking it for a little under half my life. Though, it wasn't always the good stuff, unfortunately. But perhaps its time I share a little bit about my newfound love... for Gin. I started off not liking... Continue Reading →

A sun-kissed blend

One of the first few single malts my family introduced me to was the Glenmorangie 10 Year Old (Original). It was delicate, well-balanced and definitely a delightful change from the Jack Daniels I had been guzzling the night before. It was my first step into whisky-snobbery -- well, among my friends at least. Whisky and... Continue Reading →

When Johnnie Keeps a’Walkin…

The Johnnie Walker brand has become somewhat of a household name when it comes to Blended Scotch Whisky. Personally, I've had a long-term relationship with Johnnie Walker Black Label that started back in college (pre-U). It wasn't till I started working that I was exposed to the more premium labels such as the Gold Label... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up with The Whisky Connoisseurs

con·nois·seur (noun) Definition: An expert judge in matters of taste Ever since I started my first job back in 2012, I've been exposed many different types of "connoisseurs", but mostly those well-versed in whisky and/or the spirits business. Now that I've moved on into my own business that focuses on Spirits Education, I've met many more of... Continue Reading →

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