Keeping Up with The Whisky Connoisseurs

con·nois·seur (noun) Definition: An expert judge in matters of taste Ever since I started my first job back in 2012, I've been exposed many different types of "connoisseurs", but mostly those well-versed in whisky and/or the spirits business. Now that I've moved on into my own business that focuses on Spirits Education, I've met many more of... Continue Reading →


#WhiskyMusings: That memorable dram

Imagine this: You're in a bar that's a little fancier looking than your usual joints, with a bloke who's probably 3 times your age. If you're a girl reading this, well no... no one's looking to get lucky  (as far as you know anyway). You're both just out for a change of scenery -- away... Continue Reading →

Just Because…

David Beckham can pour me a dram any day... I just wish it wasn't Haig Club. Heh. -_-" Just sharing this because he's beautiful. Source:

Would you like that neat?

I think I had my first glass of whisky when I was 15 years old. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was, but I remember being told off for asking if I could add anything to it -- they laughed and handed me a glass of Jack Daniels instead: "Here, you... Continue Reading →

TL;DR: Reminder to keep writing

So, I've realized why I dropped the blogging game in the first place... I'm just pretty shit at keeping at it. I'm so easily distracted by other things (y'know, work, drinking, FOMO, etc.) and realizing that churning out an entry isn't as easy as people think. One with interesting enough content at least. I mean... Continue Reading →

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